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In part it was the fact that the ritual was heard but not seen. My Yale source had found a previously unexploited perch from which to record the sounds of the ceremonies, but could glimpse them only incompletely. He reported a figure dressed like the devil, another one in a hooded-skeleton costume and others in robes.

Yes, the death mantra—here it is, the three-line Skull and Bones initiation-ritual theme that has bound three Presidents including the present one to their secret society:. Most of the speculative lore about the Skull and Bones ritual has centered on its death fixation. Beyond the obvious skull-and-crossbones insignia, of course, the most persistent story is that initiates spend their senior year in the basement crypt of the Bones Tomb taking turns lying in a coffin and, in two long, intense, psycho-drama autobiographical sessions in said coffins, recount their personal and sexual history to the other 14 chosen ones.

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The better to bond for life with those they know best and prepare for their destiny as stewards of the ruling class. What the hell is going on there? Could one detect a capital-punishment theme here—the hangman as executioner presaging George W. And what about the devil? Well, the figure dressed like the devil. A fulfillment of the paranoid fantasies of the fundamentalist right, who believe the Eastern establishment is a front for Satanic conspiracy. The Observer Mission Impossible Force met to plot strategy an hour before sunset on initiation night, Saturday, April It is not widely known, but Tap Night, which occurs on Thursday, is not generally the same as initiation night.

The good stuff happens on Saturday night, and already limos are cruising the quiet streets that crisscross the Yale campus, conveying initiates of other secret societies to their rituals. Bones initiates come on foot, knock on the massive triple-locked wooden door of the Tomb and are conveyed to the first stage of the ritual. But we are getting ahead of ourselves. The guys on my team will make more of a real contribution than any of the smug secret-society types. First on the agenda was a quick examination of the Bones income-tax filings, which an outside consultant to the team had obtained through Freedom of Information Act requests.

Contradicting that assertion is information on the filing of the Deer Island Club Corporation. Lawrence River. It is the place where Bones members bring their families for summer get-togethers. This is of course precisely what RTA Inc. In order to conceal this arrangement however RTA Inc.

Perhaps the Bones shell corporation has a good and valid reason for claiming that it has no connection to the Bones private-island country club.

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But one might think that a scrupulous White House counsel would want to look at the kind of tax information George W. And for me, it was a culmination of my own quarter-century quest, one that had become personalized lately by the fact that our Skull and Bones President had been a classmate of mine at Yale.

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At last, zero hour approached. For two centuries, the outside world had wondered and fantasized about what was about to happen, what actually went on in the fabled Skull and Bones initiation. But tonight, for the first time ever, we would attempt to capture the actual secret initiation ritual and bring it to light for anthropological study.

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  5. I could never get mine to work. Because of a recent injury which limits my mobility, I was stationed at a listening post with my tape recorder while the video-cam team proceeded to their more perilous perch at the forward base as those of us in special ops call it. We planned to rendezvous afterward for me to view the tape. From my post, I could see through an open window shadowy figures walking very close above my head. Fragmentary as they are, they capture some of the strangeness, and perhaps the kind of disorientation the initiates themselves experienced there in the courtyard of Skull and Bones.

    First, there was the guy posing as George W.

    The Skull and Crossbones List - Dave Stuart Jr.

    He seemed to be a bit disgruntled at being given this role—a feeling he expressed by calling out in his George W. Then someone—one of the initiates? Presumably, this mocking Louima reference was a ploy to scare initiates into thinking Uncle Toby was going to give them the plunger treatment. Then a door opened. Run, neophyte! From my post, I could only see hooded figures racing about in the darkness above my head, accompanied by cries of:. Then silence for awhile. The neophyte seemed to have gone back inside the Tomb.

    But first there was a different kind of kissing being referred to.

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