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In the many talks that we can have with the stakeholders, new ideas will always come about that will affect the size of the project, generally inflating it. It is important to explain that adding new things means removing others. For this, I have found it very helpful to use tools such as the one below, in which, together with the client, we write what will not be included in the next release in a collaborative way.

The continuous exercise of deciding what is within the specified scope and what is not should result in a list of those things that although valuable, cannot be included by contractual issues or other limits , generating some sort of backlog for elements out scope. Changing the rules of the game. At this particular moment in my experience, around the middle of the project , we should reveal that the value of things that are out of scope have greater value for the business than things that are in the initial scope and that are still pending.

In the best case scenario, a reduced version of the product was already put into production and exposed to the greatest change generator that exists: the use of the product in its context. The client will prefer to change to a flexible scope in order to maximize the value of the product. If we have reached this step and we are working with a fixed scope and budget, then we can offer our client the possibility of including and prioritizing elements of the backlog that contains the elements out of the project scope.

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In return, we will need to negotiate the commitment of not exceeding the initial budget or the limits we used as a reference in the beginning. We can do this by prioritizing elements that were out of scope and discarding those that were in the initial scope, but have a very low value.

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  • As we previously discussed, software is potentially infinite in size, so there will always be more items to add. However, since we have constantly prioritized and delivered valuable software, the value of what is left out will be marginal. The software reflected in the initial specification may be very different from the one that is delivered. How different could it be? What I have shared here is nothing more than a series of guidelines that I use in my professional practice.

    Each project is different, and as with any complex problem see model Cynefin , different results are obtained from the same practices. We should not think that there are best practices; there are at most principles or guidelines which is what I have presented here. App Performance Management.

    Code Profiling.

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    • We evaluated other leading test automation products and selected the SDT solution because it exceeded all of our requirements. We can now design tests prior to any code being available and are ready to run tests immediately upon release from engineering. Everyone appreciated the instructor's presentation skills, energy and enthusiasm; he was able to increase buy-in to new ideas that were highly controversial among the attendees.

      The instructor proved to be a good listener to the concerns of the technical and functional analysts and conveyed the right messages to management to initiate change. Even veterans in the field come to realize they have a lot to learn! It opens one's eyes to a quality testing approach.

      Edward Kit is an experienced, interesting speaker. Second, we can run it more often for lower cost.

      Third, we can easily check whether a regression has happened at any time. Repeating the same test cases over and over is mind-numbing for testers. Removing this can energize testers, fueling them to find the really costly defects. Before and after test automation is in full swing, survey developers, testers, and product owners about how they feel about regression testing. How confident are they that regression testing is identifying regressions?

      How do they feel about the time they spent on regression? How much time did they spend on regression?

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      Test automation ROI: 5 ways to show the business benefits

      Additionally, the ability to run regression anytime with the press of a button and not having to wait days or weeks for results is a major time-saver and speeds delivery. The ROI in test automation can be huge. Most teams only consider the amount of time it takes to run a suite of tests in comparison to how long it took before test automation. There are many other benefits, both qualitative and quantitative. When making a case for test automation, keep in mind the many ways test automation can return on your investment.

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      Skip to main content. Our Contributors About Subscribe. A more testable product A funny thing happens when you commit to test automation across your product development process: People start creating more testable products. Shift left When are test cases written? Less painful regression For many organizations, regression is painful.

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