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The readied chariot awaits :. But K arabhaka here has arrived from the city and the entourage of the Queen Mother. Victory, Your Majesty! Onthis occasion Your Majesty must be present. On the one hand, there is my obligation to the ascetics, on the other hand, there is the command of my venerable parent. Neither may I transgress. What should I do in this case? My mind is divided :.

You have been welcomed by Mama like a son. Therefore you must please return from here and stand in for the duty of a son. Tell her that I have been detained by obligations to ascetics. You think I am afraid of these demons. In your case that is incon- ceivable. He might reveal my dalliance to the ladies in the inner apartments of the palace.

Well, then, I will tell him this. I go to the hermitage out of respect for the seers.

There is nothing to that aection of mine for the ascetics daughter. Look, Where, on the one hand, stand we, and where that person raised with fawns, unacquainted with love. Friend, do not take as a declaration of truth what was made up as a jest! All withdraw. Ak aren. A artham. Howmighty is Dushy an- ta! No sooner had His Majesty entered the hermitage grounds with his charioteer than we were rid of the de- mon menace, and our rites succeed without distractions. What need of tting an arrow? For he drives out troublemakers simply with the twang of his bowstring from afar, as if it were by the threatening growl of his bow.

The Recognition of Shakuntala (Clay Sanskrit Library)

I must bring this darbha grass to the priests so they can strew the altar. For whom are you fetching ushra salve and lotus leaves wrapped in laments? Mimes listening. What do you say? Sha- k untala is gravely ill with a heatstroke; to quench her fever. Nurse your friend with care, for she is the life-breath of our patriarch. I, too, will at once send soothing, consecrated water to her by the hand of G au- tami. End of the prelude. HaraAkopaAvahnis ,. Despite this you show me no pity. And how can you, bearing owers as weapons, be so erce? Why do you and the moon, who ought to be trustworthy, assail the caravan- train of lovers?

That your arrows should be owers and that the moons rays should be cool both of these are evidently false for those like me: the moon spews re with his icy rays, and you make your ower-arrows adamantine! I must seek her. That is where I will go. This spot is pleasant with a fresh breeze. A vattaAv ado? For, looking down At its entrance, in the pale sand is seen a line of fresh footprints, shallow at the front, depressed at the back with the weight of her hips. I will peer through the branches.

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  6. My eyes have received their alms. My darling, the ground of my love, lies upon a ower-strewn stone slab, together with her two friends. Concealed by vines, I will eavesdrop on their private conversation. Then enters Shak untala and her two friends as described. Does the breeze of the lotus leaves relieve you? Are my friends fanning ,.

    The Middle Stage: On Kalidasa's Shakuntala, and the Clay Sanskrit Library

    Both look sorrowfully at each others face. Admittedly, the inammation arising from love and the heat appears the same, yet the injury wrought by summer upon young women is not as lovely as this. We may not be familiar with ,. Even so, we can see that your state is like that of a lover described in historical romances.

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    Please do tell what is the cause of your malady. Without knowing for sure what is the source of a disease, no remedy can be found.

    What she says is right. Why should you conceal your sorrow? Day by day your limbs waste away, all that remains is your lovely aura. For her Face has deeply sunken cheeks, ,. But now I will bring you sorrow. Smara eva t apaAhetur nirv apayit a sa eva me j atah. Love alone is the source of the fever, Love alone has come to quench it for me; just as at the end of the hot season, a day, dark with clouds, does for the world. Otherwise, sprinkle me now with funerary libations. Her lovesickness is far ad- ,.

    He upon whom she has xed her heart is no less than the scion of the P auravas.