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That communism is alive today. American's need to become educated and wake up that communism is on our doorstep. Any additional comments? This book is the history of communism clearly defined. Would you recommend this audiobook to a friend? If so, why? So much information about communism in is this book. What was the most compelling aspect of this narrative?

The simplicity and clarity was the most compelling aspect of the narration. There is not a character in this book but Mark did a wonderful job. If you could give The Naked Communist a new subtitle, what would it be? How the communist are taking over freedom. The historical perspective of socialism and communism was well done, however this revised version is a travesty of religious propaganda. It's absolutely ridiculous to assume that one must either be a Christian or a communist. There are a great many atheists that do not support communism.

It has now become an unnecessary concern that people will not evaluate communism based upon the historical evidence of it's inhumane and destructive agenda simply because the authors so strongly promoted their religious propaganda. This is top five non-fiction political book that I have read or listened to.

W. Cleon Skousen Is Asked to Write The Naked Communist

The facts and how well researched the book is. How does this one compare? I love Mark. Bassam and the Seven Secret Scrolls was also very well done.

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Communism is at our doorstep. All the facts of Communism are in this book. I can see why it has been a best seller and why it is still relevant today. If you could sum up The Naked Communist in three words, what would they be? Communism: Revealed, Unraveled. Who was your favorite character and why? While listening to this book, I felt a profound respect for the author who distilled the complexities and trickeries of Communism into an easy and helpful playbook.

My favorite character: The Author. He has a uniquely clear all-American wholesomeness to his sound.

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It is neither an easy task to accumulate and layout such a subject as Communisim, nor is it an easy task to vocally deliver such material, but both W. Cleon Skousen and Mark Deakins deliver superbly. Their product is a masterpiece.

The Naked Communist - 45 Goals of Communists

I can't believe the 45 Communist goals were so plainly laid out when this book was first published, and yet their fulfillment continues in force today. Thank you for The Naked Communist, a book which should display prominently on the bookshelf of every American! I've heard about this book for years. Finally, here's a format so I can listen while driving, etc. The book gives a clean description of the reasons that America is in the mess it is in todayand, the way out is therefore more easily seen and understood.

It is suitable content for high school and above. Skousen gives history, context, reasons and warnings. Being an old book, some might dismiss it and that would be a mistake. It sounds like it was written for today. Finally, a breath of fresh air regarding America's problems. Now I'm pointed in the right direction to help turn things around. Deakins performance brings the nonfiction subject matter to a high level of delightful listening, and thereby, greater understanding.

I've heard other works by Deakins and I'd recommend this particular book for those not yet familiar with himyou will become a fan.

How to Prevent the Fall of the United States. People who believe the Constitution is out of date need to read what happens when documents such as that one, and the Declaration of Independence, are pushed aside for alternative forms of government such as Communism and Socialism. Skousen spells it out clearly and succinctly.

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People who think they've got these upcoming elections all figured out should first read this bookit will prevent some bad judgments from being made at the ballot box. A scary, but important work that every freedom loving person should listen to. As important today as it was when it was first published. Great explanation of the communist way of thinking and how they gain power around the world and influence our own communities. A book that teaches good moral and economic values. It's worth a read though. This book should be required reading in every history, religious or world affairs class.

It is a master class work on the spread of a damning ideology that spread through the world by sometimes unsuspecting actors. Sadly, the lessons of history are not being studied and applied as socialism, Marxism, and materialism are raising their collective godless head.


Please read and teach your children. Great read! Would definitely recommend to anyone interested in communist history and behind the scenes look at famous communist icons.

Regardless of conservatives or progressives, do we really know what it takes to be a communist? Reading this book would be a great help! This should be read by all to understand what Communism truly is and that it is not just another economic system and the threat that the ideology poses.


It's long but stays interesting and is broken down well into different chapters. Your audiobook is waiting…. By: W. Cleon Skousen. Narrated by: Mark Deakins. Length: 14 hrs and 38 mins. Categories: Nonfiction , Politics. People who bought this also bought The Cleansing of America By: W. Cleon Skousen Narrated by: Corey M. Snow Length: 4 hrs and 21 mins Unabridged Overall.

Unfreedom of the Press By: Mark R. Levin - introduction and epilogue Length: 6 hrs and 37 mins Unabridged Overall. Publisher's Summary A timely update to the phenomenal national bestseller. Cleon Skousen, Paul B. Skousen P Izzard Ink Publishing. It is unbelievable how fast it has been achieved. So you must collect those books.