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However, in E-content development field , although some companies have developed their individual production methodology for animation and multimedia content, there is lack of relevant research from the perspective of animation and multimedia integration techniques.

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In a trial mull over, we utilized three evaluations of learning achievement. In perspective of these evaluations, we dismembered grabbing from static pictures what's all the more, getting from animations. This blended learning system may be a potential trends of animation content in teaching and appropriate method of teaching especially for school children.

Abstract: India is home for various treasures of knowledge which are inscribed, stored and passed on from one generation to the next through a unique medium — palm leaves. In the present scenario, the need to preserve our rich heritage and provide an easy interface is the major challenge, using modern technology and techniques, thereby enhancing accessibility, applicability and appreciation for the repository of knowledge.

A well-built catalogue is a primary requirement to facilitate effective and efficient information retrieval.

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The main aim of this research is to provide users with a standard means for intellectual access to digitized materials. These can be widely utilized in various digital libraries across the globe. This metadata schema can be incorporated into an enhanced search engine for obtaining better precision and recall results. Abstract: Accidents or Mishaps are happening calm regularly now days for some reasons. Among those reasons the calmest reason is because of the liquor dependent purchasers.

A large number of the general population used to go to work places like production lines, ventures, medical clinics, workplaces and military by expending liquor. These reason hazardous mishaps in numerous spots over out of indiscretion. A definitive purpose behind this proposed work is to lessen mishaps because of liquor utilization by identifying it..

This guarantees appropriate hard working attitudes are pursued.

go site In this way, our proposed framework takes into account liquor checking in addition to announcing framework that screens this and reports it to concerned individual remotely over web. Our framework is made out of an IOT based circuit framework that utilizes Arduino board. The framework has MQ3 liquor sensor and to look at the liquor utilization of driver and to control vehicle start automatically. This data refresh to the cloud server alongside area and liquor content. This guarantees no marvel of mishaps because of liquor affect.

Keywords: Alcohol detection, Arduino board, cloud server. IoT circuit system, MQ3 alcohol sensor. Abstract: This research work discusses the methodology for cloud workloads prediction and simulation for developing a load balancing algorithm. The main goal of the methodology is to develop an efficient load balancing algorithm which would require less processing power. In-order to enhance load balancing, these following parameters should incorporated, namely, determining as well as comparing the load and efficiency of the system, connection between the nodes, transmission nature and obtaining the proper nodes.

The proposed algorithm main task is to increase the utilization of resource among cloud servers, thereby enhancing performance of the cloud servers by proper load balancing. Rapid node mobility will lead to signal fluctuation and reduces packet delivery.

It also leads to path loss in near future. In our proposed failure path recovery algorithm, we analyze medium to measure loss and gain of signal strength. Whenever a signal fluctuation occurs, a path alteration is done by selecting a stable one hop neighbor node with better processing capacity.

This is done prior to path failure and ensures the reliable data transmission. Keywords: Medium analysis: signal fluctuations; link quality; processing capacity. Abstract: In this Paper, It has been proposed a de-speckling method on Indian Synthetic-aperture radar SAR image with block matching 3D transformation and has been used for classification method.

This block- matching 3D algorithm clearly explained how to generate de-speckling of SAR image for classification. In this technique has been tested on RISAT-1 SAR image data set and practical results exhibit that this technique is the better in terms of de speckling quality image factors. The resultant multi spectral and good resolution image has been classified using supervised classification.

Keywords: Synthetic-aperture radar, de-speckling, block matching 3D algorithm. Compressive strength is studied at 28 and 90 days curing age. For SCC mixtures, all test values are within the permissible limits. Different particle sizes of aggregates in SCC achieved continuous gradation.

In addition, fly ash contributed its effort acting as filler and holds good bonding at interfacial transition zone. Hence, the reduced porosity helps in improvement of durability properties. This investigation is aided in identifying the excellent durability properties with the both cement and sand replacement by fly ash and e-waste aggregate respectively. It compensates the disposal problem, conserves natural resources, and reduces energy, emissions, dead load and cost of concrete production.

Abstract: MANET is a self-configured network of devices in wireless linked network, in an arbitrary topology. The connectivity is established by operating system hosted on participating nodes. Routing algorithm establishes routes and forwarding information as packets to and from source to sink station. Many routing techniques attempt to achieve optimal performance; however modifications are still required in existing routing protocols to improve the performance of MANET. There exist some predominant anomalies in Mobile Ad-hoc Network in terms of above performance metrics. Anomalies in MANET arise due to various environmental factors like variation in number of connections among participating nodes, mobility of nodes, pause time of node, rate of data packet forwarded by nodes and total density of nodes, adversely affecting its performance.

In order to overcome some predominant anomalies, in this research a systematic approach has been used to develop an intelligent system model, which controls the performance adaptively. Abstract: Adaptation of this method of identification of weeds in specific areas on crop lands which help for healthy agriculture.

Ihre Vorteile:

Mostly separations of weeds from the crops are done with the help of image processing. It is the process of separation of weeds specifically from the crops. This method of separation will be helpful in optimization of herbicide usage.

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There are several methods of image pre-processing used to remove the information which is irrelevant from the image other than weeds. Crops are separated in rows. Different colour models are used and then proposed for grey image, vertical projection is used to identify centre line of crop row. It leads to colour feature extraction from the image. Cultural algorithm is used for separation of feature from the image and Search algorithm is used in specific identification of crops and weeds for specific spraying.

After feature extraction SVM algorithm and BP algorithm is used for experimental result for higher accuracy of about Abstract: Natural disasters pose a serious threat to national economy, human lives and can disturb the social fabric of the society, although we can not entirely prevent these natural disasters from happening but with the advancements in the satellite imagery, remote sensing and machine learning it has become possible to minimize the damage caused by them.

Satellite images are very useful because they can give you a huge amount of information from a single picture. Since it is becoming easy to get these satellite images the climate and environmental detection systems are in high demand. In this paper, we propose a post disaster system which we have named, Automatic Disaster Detection System ADDS which is designed to detect the disaster affected areas and help in the relief operations.

The existing methods for detection of disaster affected regions are mostly dependent on manpower where people use the drone technology to see which area is affected by flying that drone over a large area which takes a lot of time. A new approach of Convolution Neural Network towards detection of disaster affected areas through their satellite images is examined in this paper which is comparatively better than previous image processing techniques. This method is based on deep learning which has been a widely popular technique for image processing in recent past.

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This technique can help save lives by reducing the response time and increasing the efficiency of the relief operations. Abstract: The paper studies the scope, performs the modelling and validation for conversion of any Convetional Vehicle to a Split Parallel Hybrid Electric Vehicle. The introduction of a smart Energy Management System for sucha setup is also evaluated. The gradient analysis is performed using the GPS based road gradient database. Abstract: Surveillance systems are used for the data acquisitions in order to monitor the control over an environment and get a good overview of the targeted place which can be secured and have a reassurance of safety to the client.

But all the previous systems depend on the human who is monitoring the flow i.