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So your perception had to become hyper-active because of the light-deprivation. It could also be disorienting. The dark atmosphere creates a powerful mood, but these are later Nevelson sculptures, after she adopted a more regular geometry in her work around , perhaps in an effort to incorporate aspects of Minimalist art. The shapes and repetition feel more generic.

The goth vibe feels less like Nevelson channeling all darkness and more like shtick. Which drains away the alluring mystery. This program aired on March 19, The audio for this program is not available. Skip to main content.

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The recipes are truly tasty, but the healing nourishment is in the details, from the cozy illustrations to the pink ribbon bookmark to the annotated list of things worth living for. To temper joyous expectations for this page British "cookery book," I seriously considered citing recent research findings on cooking's psychological benefits. According to a roundup study, cooking as therapy shows promise as a natural antidepressant. Therapeutic cooking interventions may ease depression, anxiety and social isolation and possibly boost mood, self-esteem and quality of life. Or perhaps it's best to let Risbridger tell you in her own words what the little inspirations are behind her book, as captured in this excerpt:.

The bright clean song of life and salt, and the smoky hum of caramel-edged onions.

Poet Laureate’s ‘poem on a pill’ cuts cancer down to size

Soft goat's cheese and crispy pastry. Moments, hours, mornings, afternoons, days.

How The Author Of 'Midnight Chicken' Unexpectedly Built A Life Worth Living | WFDD

And days worth living for add up to weeks, and weeks worth living for add up to months, and so on and so on, until you've unexpectedly built yourself a life worth having: a life worth living. Ultimately, I decided to convey the life-affirming, mood-lifting magic of Risbridger's food writing via our recent email exchange, which has been edited for length and clarity.

Your transformation from suicidal poet to humble author of a life-affirming cookbook is the stuff that rom-coms are made of. Whatever moved you to write a cookbook? I wrote a cookbook sort of by accident.

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I always planned to be a writer, but assumed I'd write novels. My partner [writer John Underwood ] taught me to cook in the early days of our relationship. While he was at work, I would send him long emails about what I was cooking. He bought me a blog domain maybe so he could actually get some work done?

You've written a genre-bending cookbook that reads like a good novel and inspires better than the best self-help book. It defies categorization, and yet, Midnight Chicken is an Amazon bestseller in three categories: food writers, depression and party planning. How do you categorize your cookbook? Oh, man. I have no idea how to categorize Midnight Chicken. It's a cookbook first — a helpful and practical guide to making stuff.

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  4. The memoir and self-help elements crept in. I couldn't write about food without also writing about myself.

    I don't think anyone can write about food without it being a bit autobiographical. Writing about food — my life, my people — has helped me so much. That's where the self-help gets in. The moral of your story echoes research conclusions on cooking's psychological benefits, with one important distinction.


    When you write about cooking, you're not writing about cooking by rote, but cooking with love. What's love got to do with the healing power of cooking? Maybe this is an English thing, but I'll try to overcome it long enough to say I cook for the people I love because it's like giving someone a birthday present every day. It makes them happy, and that makes me happy. That over the last five years I have learned to love myself enough to believe I, too, deserved to be happy has been revolutionary.


    So much of love feels revolutionary to me. Your views of comfort food are refreshingly un-American. In fact, you've adopted the German concept of kummerspeck, or comfort eating, as your own. How did you do what dieters only dream of doing: ditch dieting and permit yourself the guilt-free pleasure of emotional eating? I don't think I'll ever be done with dieting or guilt, not really. At this point in time, I can't imagine many women being completely done with dieting, with guilt, with shame around what they eat, how they eat and how they look.

    But it's true, I mostly eat what I want. This isn't effortless! How could it be? I have Instagram. I read magazines. I see adverts. I spent years of my life dieting off and on. I tried crash diets, fad diets, anything I thought would make me thin, which would in turn make me happy if only I stuck at it.