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I had to wonder whey I came so far to see some snow. I would rather look a Texas rattlesnake in the eye. It was time to go home. We have elected a President to guide us and we must have faith in him. Common sense will go a long way. The children were always watching their mother and me. Just pay attention. I just let them pay me at the end of the day and what they paid me is what they paid me.

If they paid me fair that was good. I want for people not to worry so much. Be happy for what you have.

Life Is So Good

Help somebody else instead of worrying. It will make a person feel better. Even the poorest man can just take the time to say hello; that can be a help. Give what you can. And if you have nothing, at least pray for somebody. Have good thoughts. Sep 25, Raymond C. In the beginning of the book, George recalls when he was a young boy when he witnessed the lynching of Pete. Pete was accused of impregnating a white girl by the white folk of Marshall, Texas. After 6 months, when the white girl that Pete was accused of impregnating gave birth, it turned out to be a white boy, but no one payed attention to that.

When George was 8 he started working at a farm and when he was 12, he moved to another farm to work in and sleep there. George helped support his family and later on, his uncle's family. After this it skipped to when George was around 20 years old and worked at a mill, at that time World War I was going on and George said he had to sign a paper and he thought that it said he wasn't old enough to go to the military.

Later on, George goes on an adventure to Mississippi to work on a bridge.

After he finishes building the bridge, he goes home and a man lets him test drive a car. George then goes to Canada because he wants to see snow, he finds out that in some countries African-Americans aren't mistreated. Then he goes to Mexico where once again he isn't mistreated for his skin color. George learned some Spanish from the workers in Mississippi. Tired from all of the adventures, George goes home to find out his parents have moved to another home.

George goes to live with his aunt, when he falls in love with a girl who works in the same farm as his aunt. He marries the girl and has 7 children. After this, it switches back to modern times where George talks about school and motivating children who slack off to learn to read. The book ends with these words "Life is so good,". I liked the book because it was a biography where the author didn't talk about every little detail about the subject. Also I like the book because it was written so much like a fiction book, if you didn't know it was non-fiction you might have thought this was all fake.

A reason this was written like a fiction book was because all of George's thoughts were put down in the text unlike most biography books, George put his thoughts down because he can remember anything he sees.

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Another reason I like this book is because it is a motivational story, George learned to read at 98 and pushed other adults to learn to read. I disliked the book because some of the stories were boring, such as George watering someone's garden, but the owner of the garden made him eat with the dogs.

Life is So Good by George Dawson

I liked George because he could help his children with their homework without even knowing how to read and he could fool them into thinking he could read. Another story I disliked was when two people got into a fight in New Orleans and one shot the other because George ran away from New Orleans because of one gun shot.

Overall this is one of the best biographies I've read because it wasn't as boring and was written in his perspective. Apr 05, Lana rated it really liked it. Simply written in his own voice, "Life is Good" is the life story of a year-old black man who endured segregation and prejudice, yet throughout it all, recognized the good in life.

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The co-author, Richard Glaubman, who helped him write his story said, "I was looking to give you a chance to voice your anger. It doesn't take much to make a difference. A person only needs to manage with what they have. Be a good manager and there is no need to worry. I pay my bills first and all the money I have left is for groceries.

I try to keep a little leftover if I can. That way. I only said something one time. See, I respected my own father and did what he told me. With my own children it was the same. We was the parents. It was our job to have the children ready to be in this world. A child doesn't learn so much by words as he does by watching. That's how they learn right from wrong, by watching what we do.

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It wasn't right, but that's how life was. Breaking the rules could be dangerous.

In one way or another, every colored man had the same talk with his children: how to get along, how to survive in this world. After a forced retirement at age 65, he did yard work. I was close to ninety when I stopped. I had to work all those years, but I was glad to work. A man is supposed to work and take pride in what he does no matter what the work is. View 2 comments. Feb 25, Mel Ostrov rated it it was amazing.

He was able to create a fulfilling existence even while completely illiterate up to age 98, when he began a successful course of reading and writing. The fact that his mother died at age suggests that his longevity coul Years of Wisdom George Dawson was truly an amazing person -- not only because this grandson of a slave led a full, happy life to the wondrous age of , but also for always retaining a remarkable personal attitude that allowed him to withstand all offensive challenges. The fact that his mother died at age suggests that his longevity could be attributed to good genes, but it also seems likely that his ability to avoid and overcome stress also contributed significantly.

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You have to admire his parents for instilling in their children loving characteristics and unquestioning acceptance of laborious work despite confronting horribly challenging African-American segregation in Texas from the end of the 19th Century onward. From then on, I decided, when I saw trouble I would just walk to the other side of the street…I would just let trouble alone.

Rather than setting a trap to kill it, he regularly left food for it. This book is a gem. I even appreciated the chapter headers where each one correlated the current era with timely excerpts from newspapers and other publications. The page paperback read is so easily flowing while holding your attention throughout, it would be appropriate for all ages including upper level elementary grades.

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As such, it has been used for young and old in libraries to celebrate Black History Month. Jun 23, Jeannie rated it really liked it. This is an uplifting and historically-educational book. Despite the many injustices the author has endured throughout his life, he has always maintained a positive attitude that undoubtedly contributed to his longevity. His priorities were usually high and correct, his aspirations much the same.