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Along the way you will learn all of the above techniques, but MOST importantly you will learn to create musical phrases. As the word suggests, a phrase is based on the language skills you already possess. If you think of your daily speech as a template for soloing you will bring life and vitality to your playing. In our speech we have many different types of phrases: statements, questions? These phrases will have content and inflection.

For instance a whisper implies secrecy. It is barely audible and meant for only a few chosen ears. That soft inflection makes the listener perk up their ears, as if something important is being said. Play loud, then play soft; alter your attack and you will notice how much your audience is really listening…. Sure you have. And, yes, this requires certain amount of strength. The progression of learning in my Jamming the Blues Classes goes something like this.

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Here are five patterns of A minor pentatonic scales. Learn them all and commit them to memory. This is an ongoing process that should continue beyond the framework of a six week class. Next, I show my students how to create musical phrases from portions of those scales patterns. Play loud, then play soft; alter your attack and you will notice how much your audience is really listening. Have you ever listened to a speech or lecture by someone who has a mono-syllabic delivery?

The words come out all sounding the same.

It could be the most interesting subject in the world but you will strain to follow the speaker because their delivery is putting you to sleep! Public speaking is an art, and so is soloing. This will be my last correspondence until so I want to wish you all happy holidays and a grand New Year! I want to thank everyone who came to my solo and Buzzy Frets shows and helped support live music! You rock! Also want to thank my students who have taken classes and private instruction from me and who have helped me become a better teacher and musician. You rock, as well! If you are still looking for a holiday gift for the guitarist in your family check out my book sale.

If you or somebody you know is looking for a guitar instructor, especially in the blues idiom, give me a holler! Here is a little information my private lessons. Parking: in front of the store is one hour; side streets are indefinite. I am told we can also park in the the Del Norte Plaza parking lot for free. Sources of Inspiration:. We all have our heroes. Some were spiritual leaders who spoke of the power of peaceful confrontation. Ghandi and Martin Luther King Jr. Some are Captains of Industry, who showed by their innovation and creative thinking that they could produce technology only dreamed of in science fiction.

Some, like the recently deceased Pete Seeger, showed that through their song and instruments, that a voice could be given to those underrepresented in the decision-making processes of government and corporate institutions.

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Still others are inspired by the words of poets and writers, the canvases of artists, or the notes and phrasing of certain musicians. In reliving that experience with another we are reminded that we are not alone in our seemingly insignificant lives. Someone else has felt the same thing we have. For me, I have felt most significantly, these types of experiences in two areas of my life: literature and music. In literature, the reading of certain passages in books have have put me in a place of personal transcendence, where the words of authors have echoed in my mind with thoughts that theretofore had not been articulated.

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Music, the listening to and the performance of, has also transported me to a place of wonder: a place of possibilities, excitement and deliverance…. I have had many jobs, but my current vocation: guitar teacher puts me in the place of having to imbue my students with technical abilities and knowledge, as well as trying to inspire them and show them the possibilities…However, when I hear one of them play a particular musical passage with feeling and authority…or when they bring to my attention a song I have never heard before and I quite enjoy…or I hear them simply making progress and see the enjoyment on their faces…then I feel like it has all come full circle: they have re-inspired me!

Buzzy's Blog. In some ways its like learning a language. They can read the language fluently but if they try to speak to a native they are often not able to be understood. Well, that same thing goes for the guitar. Just as you need to learn how to physically control your vocal chords to create sounds endemic to a language you need to learn how to manipulate the strings of the guitar to create expressive phrases.

People with developed intellects but poor muscle coordination often have a difficult time with the guitar. The nice folks at Music Works have agreed to let us play in a large room upstairs from their store. Some logistical information. For right now the jam will be held every other week: upcoming dates are February 15, March 1, 15 I will be away on the 29th.

The time is the same as before, pm. Sources of Inspiration: We all have our heroes. None of us wants to see it end. A big part of the problem is parking and Cal football. There was also the question of when the jam should be held e. Wednesday nights? Personally, I would prefer to keep the jam on Saturdays. But I think a change of venue might be in order -- a venue where there is plenty of free street parking. One option is to use my teaching studio in Kensington. However, I could only accomodate people maximum. I would also need to discuss this with my landlady. I am inviting other suggestions for venues.

Also, let me know if you think a change in time would work: pm? It was a normal day for Peter Christian Madsen. Perhaps I should back up a little and give you the facts. Yeah, just the facts. The Phone rang. Check it out. I checked and heard nothing. Maybe Peter had heard something that sounded like my music. So I contact Human Factor, a company I had signed a licensing agreement with a few years earlier and asked them if they knew anything about it.

For Later. Related titles. Carousel Previous Carousel Next. Jimi Hendrix - Blues Guitar Songbook. Jeff Beck - Jeff Beck anthology , Amsco. Jump to Page. Search inside document.

gesmiveback.tk With practice, this material can help you develop a more advanced harmonic vocal- Ulary for accompaniment, composing, and chord-melody playing. It seems that whenever see a chord manual, it's about an inch thick and filled with voicings that repeat many times throughout the book.

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Because just about every chord can function as one or more other chords depending on which note is considered to be the root. So decided to write a concise, easy-to-read chord book that clearly shows the possible uses of each voicing. IFyou're wondering how to proceed through this book i's short, but there's a lot to it , first read through the opening pages: this material explains how developed my chord system, how the volcings work, and some specific ways that you can apply them.

Then, feel free to just start exploring the voicings. Try to find voicings where the notes move smoothly by half or whole step to the next voicing. Next, check out the inner voices of the chord and see if they are moving smoothly. There are many voicings in this book, and you'll find that some of them will move more smoothly than others depending on the context.