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Civil society and environmental ngo s in Russia and China have been facing gradual crackdowns from their governments for the past decade and have been accused of being connected to foreign governments. Due to the changes in political and legal environments and the rise of a new generation of activists, the civil society landscape has been transformed in both countries.

Drawing on 14 months of fieldwork, this paper aims to provide an updated account of environmental activism in Russia and China—the post-foreign-funding civil society. It focuses on grass-roots ngo s and their relationships with their foreign donors and the consequences of foreign grant withdrawal. The paper suggests that, while in some cases foreign funding and international linkages may have endangered existing ngo s in Russia and China, the opportunity to meet foreigners attracts the younger generation to environmental movements.

Alvarez S. Dagnino E. Escobar A. Biekart K. Fowler F.


Transforming activisms exploring ways and waves Development and Change 44 3 Delaplace G. Humphrey C. Cellarius B. Staddon C.

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The West European Story

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Populism and the Decline of Social Democracy | Journal of Democracy

Mertha A. Mickiewicz E. Mwaura G.

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  • Oldfield J. Shaw D. Osnos E. Belarus, yesterday and today Impressions from Minsk. Current decolonial and postcolonial discourses towards post-socialist Balkan countries. The goal of the workshop was to orient theoretical and organizational tools rooted in decolonialism and post-colonialism toward the often-neglected region of the Balkans. The Estonian Left needs the support of the European Left in its struggle for equality and human rights.

    Change and Continuity in the Polish Government After two years in government, the ruling Law and Justice Party PiS has made some significant changes to the personnel of its government. Over 60, people attended, some of them masked and setting off red smoke bombs.

    The populist ANO movement managed to gain the largest share of the vote mainly by applying smart marketing strategies during the election campaign.

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    The Czech left, however, follows the European downward trend. A majority voting electoral system cannot eliminate the problem with distrust in political parties, low turnout, unrepresentative, corrupted and dysfunctional public institutions. Polish Left: Mistakes of the Past and Challenges of the Future When we observe the current political scene in Europe, we get the impression that something has gone very wrong. We can see that we — the left — have made many serious mistakes and that our weakness has given new opportunities to right-wing movements and parties. Which Way for the Left?

    How can the left rebuild itself in a situation when politics is increasingly dominated by the conservative and neo-liberal right? Early Parliamentary elections Macedonia In the last two and a half years, Macedonia has been in a deep political crisis.

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    Since , we have witnessed a constant wholesale erosion of state institutions. Green peasant blues in Lithuania Against the backdrop of the current rise in neo-nationalism and the growing xenophobia in the EU and across the Atlantic, one could say that the recent Lithuanian elections, which ended on 23 October, almost seemed to pass with bucolic tranquility. But it is a prelude to yet another phase of a deepening post-democratic crisis affecting national democracies without a politically mobilized precariat in the region.

    Nationalism and Xenophobia The EU is facing enormous challenges. The coming months could be crucial in determining the future of the EU and its broad political orientations. The EU is facing an unprecedented series of challenges in particular on security, climate change, migration and the economy. This combination gives an opportunity for populism to rise and spread its venomous rhetoric.

    The government is still calling the referendum a success and wants to amend the Constitution accordingly. Some Reflections on the Visegrad Countries In the Visegrad Group there are as many differences as similarities, which contributes to the Group having a certain dynamic. The Group has recently undertaken quite a lot of successful activities or at least initiatives.

    In one third of constituency's were together with Czech senate elections. In general the results show clear loss for both traditional left-wing parties as well as traditional right-wing parties across Czech Republic. The current European situation dominated by issues such as Brexit, migration and EU crisis poses a set of questions for which we have to seek answers. Does the current European state of affairs have a specific influence on the CEE region in certain matters?

    How shall the radical Left act in this sphere and what kind of goals will they target? The Radical Left in Slovakia: Possibilities of recovery at the national and European level The radical left is not only witnessing the global strengthening of the free market imperative at the expense of human rights — it is also suffering from it. This is most evident in the countries of the Central and Eastern Europe region in which traditional political subjects professing the ideals of socialism keep failing, owing to a whole range of specific factors that are both external and internal.

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    The parliamentary landscape continues to look the same, with the same faces cropping up again and again over the past 25 years. Unfortunately, there is no left-wing option which could use current developments and propose an alternative to the current state of affairs. Right-wing radicalism from above As things now stand, the new Croatian government is clearly demonstrating the intention of following most negative European political trends.

    These trends can be observed, for example, in Poland, Hungary and the Ukraine. Three months ago, a coalition of right wing parties came into power. Hungary participated in the forum which was attended by left-wing activists from around the world. Darkness at the End of the Tunnel An analysis of the outcome of the Slovak parliamentary elections.