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The generational gap is wide, but we stay close as father and son with a lot of listening, understanding and openness to learn from each other. Clash Points at Work: Baby Boomers are lingering in the workplace. And technology, including social media, is transforming the mode and pace of communication.


These trends are creating new opportunities, but not without foreseeable generational clashes. In , leadership expert Ira S. But a severe and prolonged recession has delayed Dr. Economic uncertainty has caused many Boomers to remain on the job, amid the highest unemployment rate in more than 30 years. Until we see the inevitable changing of the guard over the next decade, the workplace will be inhabited by a multigenerational stew of younger and older workers.

This environment will provide real opportunities and significant technological problems, Dr. Eighty percent of polled adults believe Gen X and Y have a distinctly different point of view—the highest perceived disparity since , when generations clashed over the Vietnam War and civil rights. There is no room to allow tradition and convenience to hinder changes that boost performance and productivity.

There's also not much room for generational judging or complaining. Managers must create opportunities for a multigenerational work force to share its differences. To hire and retain high performers, leaders must also provide flexible options. Look for ways to benefit from each generation's assets to inspire understanding, collaboration and creativity.

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How to Cultivate Executive Presence. What's Your Story. How to Read People and Influence Perceptions. The Power of Empathy and Focus. Newsletter: Volume I. Who Are the Generations? First, a quick review of how the generations are grouped in the modern workplace: Veterans , born between and 52 million people. This cohort was born before or during World War II. Earliest experiences are associated with this world event.

Some also remember the Great Depression. The Baby Boomers , born between and 77 million people.

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This generation was born during or after World War II and was raised in an era of extreme optimism, opportunity and progress. Boomers, for the most part, grew up in two-parent households, with safe schools, job security and post-war prosperity. They represent just under half of all U. On the job, they value loyalty, respect the organizational hierarchy and generally wait their turn for advancement.

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Generation X , born between and These workers were born during a rapidly changing social climate and economic recession, including Asian competition. On the job, they can be fiercely independent, like to be in control and want fast feedback. Brian Whitt April 19, at PM. Newer Post Older Post Home.

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Subscribe to: Post Comments Atom. Welcome This blog is a forum to share knowledge transfer strategies and tools and to dialogue regarding the impact that different generational perspectives may have on knowledge transfer. Profile Dr. McNichols is a strategic learning and development professional that specializes in multi-generational knowledge transfer strategies.

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McNichols has extensively researched optimal knowledge transfer strategies and facilitated the flow of tacit knowledge transfer between members of all generational cohorts. View my complete profile. Search This Blog. Categories Barriers to knowledge transfer 1 Book Reviews 7 Communication across generations 5 Engagement across generation 1 Generations 2 Knowledge transfer tools and strategies 12 Tacit Knowledge 6. Types of Mentoring Is Mentoring a one-way street? Review - Bridging the Gaps: How to transfer knowle Are video games the source of the generation gap i Knowledge Transfer Strategies, Processes, and Meth Intergenerational Knowledge Transfer in the Aerosp Subscribe To Posts Atom.

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