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And a secret CIA memo reveals the agency believed the doomed SS Ourang Medan could hold the key to a series of other mysterious disappearances in one of the world's busiest shipping lanes.

The dutch vessel is said to have sent a distress call in while sailing the Strait of Malacca - the same area where Malaysia Airlines flight MH disappeared in It said: "All officers including the captain are dead, lying in chartroom and bridge. Possibly whole crew dead … I die. The entire ship was littered with corpses, all with bulging eyes and terrified expressions on their faces.

Their mouths were wide open as if in the middle of screaming and their arms were outstretched as if reaching for something. But to make the finding even more bizarre, the crew appeared to show no signs of any injuries that could have caused their deaths. The rescuers planned to tow the ship to port but a fire broke out, followed by an explosion and it sank without trace.

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The final twist in this fishy ghost story is that to this day nobody has found any trace of the ill-fated vessel. Some question if the SS Ourang Medan existed at all as there is no mention in the Lloyds List of shipping, and there were no records on the Silver Star detailing the attempted rescue. Large crowds tend to gather during showtimes, in some cases providing standing room only.

If crowds make you claustrophobic, you may wish to skip some of the shows. By definition, cruising is a social activity.

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Your dinner seating will likely be at a table for six to You will be matched with other cruisers, who will likely be sociable and expect you to participate in conversation. Most of the activities are participatory in nature, encouraging you to dance, sing, join a conga line or answer trivia questions on stage. Even on the open decks, conversations naturally ensue. If you participate in shore excursions, you will find yourself on a boat or a bus with 20 or 30 other cruisers, most of whom are eager to get to know the others in the group.

Even if you go it alone in port, you will be greeted by hawkers hoping to braid your hair, sell you jewelry or simply tell you all about island life.

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It seems that we cannot turn on the news these days without hearing about the latest outbreak of ship borne illnesses. Norovirus, a nasty but short-lived gastrointestinal disorder, spreads easily among groups of people who live in close proximity, as on a cruise ship.

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Colds and flu also spread easily when people are in close contact. Although the number of outbreaks is actually quite small, and each outbreak affects only a small percentage of passengers, it's easy for those with a tendency to fear illness to become afraid. Whether you suffer from hypochondriasis fear of illness or nosophobia fear of a specific disease , being in close contact with others for an extended time could trigger your phobia. The cruise ship itself can be the source of fear for some people.

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Even if you are able to successfully board the ship, you may become afraid when you are "stuck" on the ship in open water. In bad weather, astraphobia fear of thunder and lightning could occur. Mythophobia could be triggered by the sometimes-eerie tales of ghosts and pirates that are told during many shore excursions. Coulrophobia may be triggered by some of the shows or activities. If you suffer from nyctophobia, you may become nervous in an inside cabin with no natural light. Have you ever wondered what your personality type means?

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