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Children, generosity and courage age, or adults, even more reticent and perhaps harder to budge, have the opportunity to study drawing taught by several professional British artists. Lectia de Desen - Portrete. Skeletal structures and muscle forms are shown alongside the completed surface forms, enabling the artist to understand and appreciate the underlying structure.

The Figure in Action - Anatomy for the Artist. The Art of Figure Drawing. Each of the ten chapters opens with a brief introduction, followed by illustrations presenting the key ideas about drawing the figure. Through studying these drawings, and honing your own skills through practice, you'll learn how to: Capture the dynamic action of the figure Render the figure in light and shade Proportion the figure so it has dignity and grace Draw the masses and forms of the figure accurately.

Chapters cover the human skeleton, head and neck, torso, arm, hand, leg, foot, and musculature. Dover - Anatomy and Drawing. Includes valuable suggestions for using pencils, chalk, charcoal and other media. Dover - Landscape Drawing Step-by-Step.

Unlike oils or acrylic paints, watercolors are never fully controllable, and the artist must allow for unexpected movement and blending. In the hands of a truly gifted watercolorist, this untamed power can create moving and memorable works of art. You'll master those skills, beginning with terminology and equipment, and then going into the basics of color classification, the use of shadows, the color triangle, and forming a palette. Next, create preliminary sketches, experiment with both Wet-on-Wet and Dry Surface techniques, and learn the secrets of achieving fluidity and controlling the halo effect.

Soon, you'll understand how and why Renoir and Monet chose and used their palettes, and be on your way to becoming a more accomplished watercolorist. Watercolour Painting - Jean-Louis Morelle. Book Preview Click the Google Preview button to view an excerpt from the book. More by Robert Beverly Hale. Toggle navigation Raru. Edit Cart Checkout Close. Recipient Name. Recipient Email. From Name. From Email. Lawyers routinely deal with human greed, ego, and selfishness in their envi-ronment and culture, including their own.

To deal with this, we need a life that includes balance and reflection. In fact, it is part of our wellness inventory.

Join R. Workshop 3: A Blueprint to be resilient and ready.


Lawyers need to have mental toughness so that you can come back from set-backs, bad results, losses, etc. Learn how resilience thrives on positive thoughts not negative. Pick up tips and skills for overcoming toxic thinking while learning how to increase your happiness factors right now. Workshop 4: A Blueprint for Self-love and what you need to know to nourish yourself.

Learn how to be assertive without being aggressive. Learn to say no and put your oxygen mask on first. Realize that some selfish is good selfish and aides in total wellness. Workshop 5: A blueprint for Self and Time Management — just for legal professionals. Learn the elements of a time management plan and how to successfully implement it. Learn how to quash that procrastination. This seminar will help you understand Chapter 7 and Chapter 13 Bankruptcy and will provide tips for unwary domestic relations practitioners when their clients or their adversaries have financial problems.

The speaker, Eric Doroshow, has represented consumers in Delaware for nearly 40 years and will provide ethical insights on representing both parties in a bankruptcy proceeding and other conflicts of interest, as well as representing clients in both family law and bankruptcy matters. Included in the program will be a look at recent case law and rule changes which affect the practice and tips from seasoned lawyers on representing clients in some of the most emotionally difficult cases that attorneys face.

A comprehensive curriculum looks at the assessments lawyers must make in dealing with their clients, in working within the rules of ethics, and discussions of special topics of interest to family law practitioners such as custody and child support issues. Join us for a morning reviewing updates and changes in the law, and come away with a better understanding of best practices relating to Delaware adult-use cannabis, and ethical considerations in dealing with the business of state authorized marijuana transactions.

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Gebelein and a panel of experts discuss laws, regulations and draft legislation, as well as ethical considerations surrounding this developing field of law. In this Christmas classic, an old man going by the name of Kris Kringle fills in for an intoxicated Santa in Macy's annual Thanksgiving Day parade. Kringle proves to be such a hit that he is soon appearing regularly at the chain's main store in midtown Manhattan.

When Kringle surprises customers and employees alike by claiming that he really is Santa Claus, it leads to a court case to determine his mental health and, more importantly, his authenticity. In , the film was selected for preservation in the National Film Registry by the Library of Congress as being "culturally, historically or aesthetically significant". This seminar will have as its keynote, retired FBI agent Angelo Lano, the Delaware agent who headed the burglary investigation and uncovered evidence which ultimately brought down the President of the United States.

Other speakers will touch on the lessons we have learned from Watergate such as: When is it acceptable to record someone in Delaware? To whom is the responsibility owed when representing a corporate entity? What is the Delaware Whistleblowers' Protection Act. A major credit-reporting bureau suffered a breach exposing the personal information of potentially half the U. Several law firms found their operations crippled by worldwide ransomware attacks, while others struggled with unscrupulous employees, as the ABA and others issued guidance for protecting confidential information.

A major financial institution inadvertently produced e-discovery containing non-responsive PII on thousands of its customers without the benefit of a protective order or confidentiality agreement, and the Court of Chancery issued substantive guidance on e-discovery practice and spoliation.

Strine, Jr. With so many factors to consider, it can be difficult to find the perfect person for the position and then guide them to become a successful staff member. This information-packed seminar will cover such topics as: best hiring practices, employer obligations, compensation, and corrective action. Join us as we give you the tools to staff and effectively manage your work force. Did you know that an effective communicator asks three times as many questions as an average communicator? Based on observational research, an effective mediator searches for common ground twice as much as an average mediator.

Effective communication skills of a mediator promote an excellent mediation process and mediation agreements. This seminar will assist mediators to comply with Superior Court's administrative directive requiring mediators hone their skills every seven years. Anyone who has already received the initial training either with the Court or through the DSBA may take this course to renew their certification with the Court.

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Supreme Court and Delaware Supreme Court decisions in the past year and those upcoming cases which might affect the law. Practitioners will discuss corporate, criminal and family law cases from and Attendees will question the advocates for each side, both played by Dean Rod Smolla, and then deliberate and decide the outcome of the litigation. Vdsbsupre Add To Cart. It's difficult to stay on top of everything, especially for solo and small firms. In the current climate, both lawyers and regulators understand that technology eases that burden and no technology solution is more effective in the solo and small firm environment than law practice management software.

Law practice management software represents a holistic remedy for what ails lawyers. It is a single software that combines calendar, email, document and financial management features. Since modern law practice management software is available in the cloud, it allows for greater flexibility and mobility and it's less expensive to acquire than ever before. Because the software syncs with your calendar and email, it keeps you on track and allows you to monitor case status and staff interaction and make you more efficient. It can help you to avoid malpractice, since things are less likely to fall through the cracks.

Law practice management software can help you better manage your trust accounting responsibilities.

Join us, as we discuss the major features of law practice management software and how these advantage law firms, while reviewing the available options in the current market. Topics include opening and closing statements, cross-examination of witnesses, trial ethics, discovery, ESI and dealing with the Court. The American Board of Trial Advocates is an invitation only organization of trial attorneys who have demonstrated excellent trial skills while maintaining the highest levels of professionalism, integrity, honor and courtesy.

Members of the Delaware chapter include Myron T. Fallon, U. Magistrate, United States District Court. When civil rights are violated, attorneys need to consider not only current legislation, but also constitutional amendments and their application to the law. King and other civil rights activists made a lasting impact utilizing nonviolent protests and a consistent message. The push for civil rights is still paramount. The strides made by Dr. King and other civil rights activists lead us to the place we are today, but, we still have a ways to go.

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King was assassinated on April 4, in Memphis at the age of The year marks 50 years after his death. For almost 20 years, the Rev. John Moore, Sr.