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Julian Marias.

ISBN 13: 9780691138701

The Beast and the Sovereign, Volume I. Jacques Derrida.

The Use of Bodies. Giorgio Agamben. God Without Being. Jean-Luc Marion. The Ethics of Psychoanalysis Jacques Lacan. Philosophy as a Way of Life. Michael Chase. The Two Fundamental Problems of Ethics. Arthur Schopenhauer. Spinoza for Our Time. Antonio Negri.

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Vladimir Solovyov. Time and Narrative, Volume 3. Paul Ricoeur. Introduction to Metaphysics. Jean Grondin. The Future of Hegel. Catherine Malabou. Four Seminars. Martin Heidegger. Opus Dei.

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The Sciences of the Soul. Fernando Vidal. Paradigms for a Metaphorology. Hans Blumenberg. Schelling versus Hegel. John Laughland. The Problem of Distraction. Paul North. Greek Mathematical Thought and the Origin of Algebra. Jacob Klein. Abolishing Freedom. Frank Ruda. Futures Past. Reinhart Koselleck. A Short History of Linguistics. Strange Wonder. Mary-Jane Rubenstein.

The Cambridge Companion to Spinoza. Don Garrett. A World without Why. Raymond Geuss.

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The Mystic Fable, Volume Two. Michel de Certeau. Hegel's Phenomenology of Spirit. Ludwig Siep. Outside Ethics. Louis Dupre. Wittgenstein and Plato. Luigi Perissinotto. Music, Madness, and the Unworking of Language. John Hamilton. Andre Santos Campos. The Cambridge Companion to Leibniz.

Nicholas Jolley. Spinoza: Logic, Knowledge and Religion. Richard Mason. The result is an invaluable reference for students, scholars, and general readers interested in the multilingual lives of some of our most influential words and ideas. Young, and many more Contains extensive cross-references and bibliographies An invaluable resource for students and scholars across the humanities.

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Click OK to close the Internet Options popup. Chrome On the Control button top right of browser , select Settings from dropdown. It covers close to important philosophical, literary, and political terms that defy easy translation between languages and cultures. It includes terms from more than a dozen languages.

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