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Conservatives Without Conscience

Department of Justice. He received his B. This program was recorded live on October 1, The leading national forum open to all for the impartial discussion of public issues important to the membership, community and nation. If you feel like the Republican party and conservatism in general has been stolen from you, this is your book. Dean's feelings about Bush II are hardly in doubt, but his analysis and the questions he raises are very insightful.

Important information of which we should all be aware. The bullies in our leadership will bully us if they can and if we don't vote them out.

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Heavy handed religious doctrine is not what this country is about. Excellent book.

This book is not a Bush bash, but a look at leadership styles and a candid look at all of our country's leadership. I highly recommend this book. I was hoping for more and this sure didn't deliver far, far left - in my opinion.

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Conservatives Without Conscience -- book review

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Learn More. Though Dean claims that the "modern phase" of American conservatism ended with the Republican takeover of Congress in , he first witnessed the fangs of the in utero beast at close range more than 30 years ago, in the Nixon White House. Specifically, he points to G. Gordon Liddy as embodying the worst of what were soon to become mainstream Republican values. According to Dean's narrative, "postmodern conservatism" has, over the past decade, regressed to conservatism's "earliest authoritarian roots.

Gone are leaders of respectable character, of any personal conscience at all. The Republican takeover of Congress was authoritarian conservatism's national coming-out party, made possible by the newly honed muscle of the Christian right, which Dean believes has brought its self-righteousness into the political arena, poisoning the well of rational public debate. The ascendant Newt Gingrich both represented and institutionalized the worst of the authoritarian personality, birthing the idea of one-party rule in a state with weakened deliberative bodies.

The next great events in the transformation of the postmodern conservative werewolf were the election and Sept. Without these events, writes Dean, "authoritarian conservatism could not have surfaced in the executive branch with its current ferocious sense of purpose. Again, not exactly the stuff of controversy in center-left circles.

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  • Conservatives Without Conscience.

Unfortunately the extensive, occasionally breathless employment of Altemeyer's categories lends the book a whiff of pseudo-science earnestness bordering on silliness, even as the subject matter remains as serious as a heart attack. Dean doesn't just pin the authoritarian label on the elephant, he relishes in Altemeyer's sub-designations.

Within the family of "Right-Wing Authoritarians" are "Social Dominators" and the dreaded "Double High Authoritarian" who possesses " 'extra-extra unfair' natures.

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As he defines psycho-political categories and issues election warnings -- he is especially worried about Bill Frist, "Richard Nixon with Bill Clinton's brains" -- it's all too easy to remember that Dean is a published lawyer and concerned citizen, not a political scientist or behavioral psychologist. Dean never delivers a full-bodied theory about why authoritarian personalities, which have always been with us, both as voters and officials, now form a qualitatively different threat.

Conservatives Without A Conscience