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Vessel steaming at utmost speed and all hands standing by and on lookout. On 28 Sept.

Recognition for the crew of the Pelican continued to come in. E-mail us at archiveswebmaster gov. Your comments may be included on this page. Jack Quelch was serving with the 44 th Battalion when he suffered a gunshot wound in battle in the summer of and was transferred to England to recuperate.

He wrote letters to his family in Beulah, Manitoba describing his experience in England, and providing details about his wounds. Quelch wrote about his views on the labour unrest he saw and read about in a letter to his mother on September 26 from Bristol, England. We are winning the war at the front but not at home these days.

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What do you think of this strike. It will not be necessary for me to express my opinion of them here. The Labor Leader Thomas certainly gave them the right goods and resigned into the bargain. I was reading his speech in the paper today. I saw them holding a big mass meeting in Fishponds park last night when I was coming home in the train.

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I would like to have seen old Fritzy drop a bomb on the lot. You asked me how long I had to stay in the line etc after I was hit.

days: America in a time of Trump - BBC News

I was able to walk out with aid of one of the chaps. I had to beat it as fast as I could for a couple of hundred yards after I got hit as he turned a machine gun up the road. I lay [in] the remains of an old cellar for a few hours and old Fritz peppered round it pretty lively with his five mines in fact he hit it but not the part I was in. Then I tried to make it out with two runners that were going.

But we only got about half a mile it was pretty dark and we got tangled up in barbed wire entanglements. And not being able to use my leg much we hunted up a punk hole and camped till day light. Then we started out again and after about three hours made the first dressing station in a old? Then I had to make another mile or so to the ambulance. Quelch is one of several individuals featured in our hallway display. Visit the Archives of Manitoba to see this display or to see other records related to the First World War. In August , Winnipegger J. Livesay, travelled to France to report on the activities of the Canadian Corps during what would be the final months of the First World War.

Livesay traveled with Canadian troops until the Armistice and reported from the Western Front. Copies of some of his articles, can be found in a scrapbook in the J. Livesay records. Macklin of the Manitoba Free Press had advocated for Livesay's appointment as war correspondent since , when the possibility of sending a journalist to report on Canadian military activities from the frontlines was first raised. Livesay and also that you staked your reputation on him as Canadian War Correspondent at the Front, I am writing you to say that Livesay is undoubtedly making good.

First 100 days shows Liberals remaking Canada in their progressive image

I regard Livesay so far as the Canadian articles appearing in the British Press are concerned, the livest correspondent we have had. In Livesay and his wife, writer Florence Randall Livesay, and daughters, Dorothy and Sophie, moved to Toronto where he took up the position of general manager of the Canadian Press. But already some patterns have been set, so why wait? Like the cartoon coyote, Trudeau has had some luck defying gravity. He has so far had to face the House of Commons only briefly and without sustaining serious damage.

  1. Violent Conflict and the Transformation of Social Capital: Lessons from Cambodia, Rwanda, Guatemala, and Somalia (Conflict Prevention and Resolution Series).
  2. Eleanor Roosevelt and Adlai Stevenson.
  3. Days That Changed Canada · Chapters Indigo · Cornershop · Groceries delivered in one hour.
  4. Reviews by overseas observers of his early forays into international summitry have been good. Poll support for the Liberals is strong: 17 points ahead of the second-place Conservatives in a nationwide Nanos poll Jan.

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    But there is trouble all around. Canadian CF fighters are in near-daily bombing runs against Islamic State targets in Iraq and Syria, even though Trudeau has said they should not be there. Trade deals and pipeline projects are causing conflict among people who would otherwise be natural Trudeau allies, like Ontario Premier Kathleen Wynne, who supports the Energy East project, and Montreal Mayor Denis Coderre, who wants it stopped.

    You come down the stairs, say hello to people. Events both planned and surprising last week showed the busy pace Trudeau continues to set for himself—and some of the storm clouds gathering around the government.

    One hundred days of Trudeau government an antidote to cynicism: Mallick

    Sorry for my mistake — pw] resort hotel in St. Andrews, N. Sir Michael Barber, an international management consultant who served as chief adviser on delivery to former U. Governments often frustrate their own supporters by talking about change without delivering any. Trudeau is determined not to do that. The St.

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    Andrews retreat was boot camp. On the first evening, Barber described his philosophy of government in general terms. The next day was devoted to workshops on three actual Trudeau priorities: greenhouse-gas reduction, infrastructure funding, and the celebrations surrounding the th anniversary of Confederation in Sitting at tables of five or six, ministers brainstormed objectives they wanted to reach in each area, mechanisms for reaching those goals, and ways to measure progress or the lack of it.

    On the third day, Barber discussed how ministers could incorporate these techniques into their own office and ministries. Six Quebecers had been murdered in Burkina Faso by al-Qaeda terrorists. Trudeau telephoned their families, a day later than Quebec Premier Philippe Couillard had done. When the Prime Minister called Yves Richard, whose wife Maude Carrier was one of the victims, the conversation took a nasty turn. The next day Trudeau and a half-dozen cabinet ministers departed for the World Economic Forum in Davos. Not the way Stoltenberg tells it. While he was in Davos, Trudeau announced by news release that he was replacing his clerk of the Privy Council, the top civil servant in the bureaucracy.

    Janice Charette, who had held the job for barely 15 months, was out, without warning. Michael Wernick, a former deputy minister of Aboriginal affairs who had never met Trudeau before last Oct. Wernick had some advance notice, sources say, but not a lot: he rushed off to attend the cabinet retreat in New Brunswick with the PM at the last minute. Is Wernick a placeholder while some handpicked successor is groomed?